<?xml version="1.1" encoding="utf-8"?> <machines> <machine> <name>Hakkavélin (Modified Reprap Prusa) með Stepstruder MK7</name> <geometry type="cartesian"> <!-- x-ás caliberaður innan +/- 0.1 mm sem ég, Baldur, get best séð --> <axis id="x" length="106" maxfeedrate="4000" homingfeedrate="500" stepspermm="37.067508975" endstops="min"/> <axis id="y" length="120" maxfeedrate="4000" homingfeedrate="500" stepspermm="65.121618718" endstops="min"/> <!-- z-ás caliberaður innan +/- 0.5 mm sem ég, Baldur, get best séð --> <axis id="z" length="106" maxfeedrate="1000" homingfeedrate="500" stepspermm="160" endstops="none"/> <axis id="a" length="100000" maxfeedrate="1600" stepspermm="50.235478806907409" endstops="none"/> <!-- stepspermm is incoming filament length, 127 is ca. 4 RPM, 1600 ca. 50 RPM --> </geometry> <tools> <tool name="Stepstruder MK7" type="extruder" material="abs" motor="true" heatedplatform="false" automatedplatform="false" fan="true" motor_steps="1600" default_rpm="3" heater="true" stepper_axis="a"/> </tools> <clamps></clamps> <driver name="makerbot4ga"> <!-- optional: <portname>COM1</portname> --> <rate>115200</rate> </driver> <warmup> </warmup> <cooldown> (Turn off steppers after a build.) M18 </cooldown> </machine> </machines>

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