The very easy to make stencil of our (appropriated) H.

Next, even larger versions! And later on, laser cut ones!


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Main Page

Door Sensor IRC BotEdit

We have a magnetic relay sensor, we intend to connect that sensor to a computer and then connect that to irc where it will notify the channel every time the door is opened/closed or just on command (!ds).


  • Set the sensor up on the door
  • Connect the sensor to a computer
  • Create a bot account on freenode (DoorSensor)


  • Program the irc bot
  • Connect the irc bot to freenode and join #hakkavelin


Main Page

Creating slimes via recipes on the internet.

Endurlífgun PowerBook 145BEdit

Main Page

Hugmyndin er að gefa vélinni nýtt líf (með Linux, yay!)

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